Starting a Personal Blog: A New Year

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Starting a Personal Blog: A New Year

As a new blogger you may wonder if there is a good time to start a blog. The answer depends on your time, desired topics, and ablility to transfer your thoughts into words. Many people start a personal blog at the beginning of a new year since it represents a fresh start. If you do decide to start a personal blog, you should consider a schedule, categories, and costs.

A schedule is determined by your current lifestyle. For instance, if you are working 70 hours per week with limited time for family, it would be a good idea for a weekly post to start. On the other hand, if you work part-time you may decide to post several times weekly.

The blog catergories may range from a few to many. Remember, you can start with five categories for a few months than switch to more based on your comfort level. Personal blogging gives you options for establishing categories based on desire.

The cost can be mimimal. You can start with a free, hosted platform from Blogger, Wordpress, or LiveJournal. Once your comfort level is determined it is easy to switch to a paid blog platform where you will have greater flexibility.

If you decide to start a personal blog for 2009, allow time for the blog to grow and let family and friends know once you feel comfortable.



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