Deciding between free blog or fee-based blog hosting

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Should I choose free blog hosting?

Deciding between free blog or fee-based blog hosting

Picking a blog host is an important first step in starting your own blog. There are many free blog hosting services, most of which also offer premium blog hosting for a fee. The fee-based hosting almost always includes access to more features and offers greater flexibility in both blog design and content management. Whether you should choose free blog hosting or fee-based blog hosting depends mainly on your experience. If this is your first blog and you have little or no technological experience, trying a free blog host service makes sense for you. You can get your feet wet and decide if you like authoring a blog before you commit any money to it. On the other hand, if you're a veteran blogger with lots of experience fiddling with software, a fee-based hosting program that offers richer tools is the way for you to go.



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