Starting a news blog

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Can anyone start a news blog?

Starting a news blog

In the strictest sense of the word any can--and many people do--start a news blog. Some of them are great, and some of them are bunk. Lots of people in North America have been waiting for the MSN blog service known as MSN Spaces to launch. The beta version of MSN Space now available to North American users. MSN blogging using Spaces allows users to set up blogs, post photos, keep favorites lists, get feedback from other bloggers, and link to other MSN Spaces blogs. This blog service can be used to set up blogs of any type, including news blogs. News blogs set up by individuals that include content on current events is considered a form of citizen journalism. One example of such a blog are the many blogs set up by Iraqi citizens since the onset of conflicts in that region. Many people in the areas affected by the recent Indian Ocean tsunami also set up news blogs to share stories, pictures, and even video of the devastation there.



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