About the Real World/Road Rules blog

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What is the Real World/Road Rules blog?

About the Real World/Road Rules blog

Blogs are popular with teens, and among the most popular teen blogs is the Real World Road Rules blog. Real World is MTV's reality TV show that throws a group of previously-unknown-to-each other teens and 20-somethings together to live as roommates. It doesn't take long for the sparks to fly, and the hidden cameras catch everything for the voyeur audience. Real World Road Rules is the same idea, except that it takes the group on the road and chronicles the trials and tribulations of the group of strangers as they have to complete a road trip on a fixed budget. The Real World Road Rules blog is a site that includes posts by fans of Real World Road Rules, including heated debates about every detail of the show no matter how minute. It also includes links to cast members' blogs and Web sites.



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