Making money using blogs

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What money-making opportunities do blogs offer?

Making money using blogs

Blogging for business is here to stay, and blogging money is yours for the making. There are all sorts of ways to make money using blogs. You can sell ad space using Google's free AdSense service. You sign up for service with AdSense, and Google plunks up to three content-specific ads on your blog. If a visitor to your blog clicks these ads, you get credit. For every $100 in credits you earn, Google will send you a check. If you'd rather control which ads run on your blog, you can sign up for free at Companies from virtual unknowns to media big-wigs search for suitable blogs in the database and purchase ad space. You set your own rates, approve or deny ads based on your own criteria, and your income is not dependent on click-throughs. You simply give a 20% cut of ad revenues. Other popular ways to make money using blogs is to include links to affiliate sites. Every time a blogger clicks through to an affiliate site and makes a purchase, you get a commission. Commission Junction and LinkShare are two of the large affiliate marketing networks. Finally, if ads are not your style, add a PayPal or BitPass donation button to your blog. Kind of like the public television and public radio model, you ask readers who value your content and the effort it takes to produce it to donate an amount that they deem fair.



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