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What are some conservative blogs?

Conservative blogs

Political blogs of every stripe and color abound online. Conservative blogs number in the hundreds if not the thousands. A handful of the better-known conservative blogs include Free Republic, GotDesign, Vorticity, Urban Grind, and DSS Hubris. While each of these blogs deals with the overarching theme of politics, each has its own slightly different slant. For example, Urban Grind considers politics and current events from the perspective of the conservative woman in Manhattan, while DSS Hubris focuses on the war on terror and U.S. national security strategy. To find any of these blogs, simply search on one of the titles in your Web browser.

Are there blog directories dedicated solely to political blogs?

Political blog directory

From conservative to liberal, libertarian to independent, political blogs abound, and Etalkinghead.com aims to organize them all for you politics junkies out there. Etalkinghead.com includes hundreds of links to political blogs categorized by ideology, including conservative blogs, independent blogs, liberal blogs, libertarian blogs, and moderate blogs. There is also a category for religious political blogs. To check out the political blog directory, visit Etalkinghead.com and click on the Directory tab.

Are there any political blogs aimed at moderates?

Independent and moderate blogs

As with both conservative blogs and liberal blogs, there are a host of political blogs aimed at moderates and independents. Some of the more popular of these blogs are the Common Ground Common Sense blog, Politically Inclined Heretic blog, and Democracy's Daily Posts From TheRestofUs.org blog. Together, these blogs provide daily commentary on political, international, and cultural news from a less partisan perspective than the more ideology-based conservative and liberal blogs available. For links to these and other moderate blogs, visit Etalkinghead.com and select the Directory tab.

What is a political blog?

About political blogs

A political blog is a blog that focuses on political matters, including local, state, federal, and international politics. Some political blogs express the point of view of one person, while others are authored by multiple people. Political blogs gained legitimacy in the 2004 U.S. presidential election as bloggers were quick to hold the mainstream media's feet to the fire when reporting election news. In particular, bloggers broke the CBS forged memo story that resulted in several CBS executives being fired and Dan Rather's resignation. For a discussion on the impact of political blogs on the media, read "Conference Studies Blogs' Impact on News" at the ABC News Web site.

What are some liberal blogs?

Liberal blogs

Political blogs dot the Internet highway and more continue to spring up on a regular basis. Some liberal blogs include LightUpTheDarkness, Shakespeare's Sister, Dawn of A New America: The Right LEFT Story, and Sustainablog and Dissent Channel. As with conservative blogs, liberal blogs focus on political themes generally, but each has a slightly different slant. For example, Sustainablog focuses on environmental and economic sustainability, green business, and environmental politics. To read any of these blogs and to get a list of more than 100 liberal blogs, visit Etalkinghead.com and select the Directory tab.

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