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What are some popular travel blogs?

Popular travel blogs

There are some truly outstanding travel blogs--way too many to list them all here. To point you in the right direction, though, check out the countless travel blogs at has a directory of its members' travel blogs, and every corner of the world is well represented. If you're looking for great leads on steals, deals, and other insider travel information, check out the blog at A couple of other great travel blogs you can check out are's blog and

How do I update my travel blog while traveling?

Updating a travel blog from the road

First things first. If you want to start a travel blog, you have to set one up with any of the popular blog hosting services. Just make sure the blog host you choose can be updated remotely. Once you're on the road, there are two ways to update your travel blog. Probably the simplest, albeit not necessarily always the most accessible depending on where you're traveling, is by using a Web-based application. Just like you'd maintain your blog from your home computer, if you can get online at a cyber cafe or Internet hub, you can update your travel blog. If your travel blog supports mobile blogging, you can update your travel blog using your mobile telephone, camera phone, or personal digital assistant (PDA). One way or the other, you should familiarize yourself with your blog host's remote update options before you hit the road.

What is a travel blog?

About travel blogs

A travel blog is a blog that is focused on travel, be it a 20-something's European road trip or a travel blog discussing steals, deals, and out-of-this-world places to visit. For individuals, if you are on the road and have access to the Internet, you can update your travel blog with text and pictures about your adventures that family and friends can follow from home. If you are planning a trip yourself and you want to learn more about a destination, you can read travel blogs by people who've already visited that location at If you're looking for tips and deals on just about anything else travel-related, again you can visit or Each offer the usual tools you'd expect to find on a travel related site. has links to travel blogs from all over the world. Fodor's has its own blog where community members post helpful, interesting information on all travel-related topics.

What types of information can I find on a travel blog?

Travel blog contents

The type of information you will find on a travel blog depends on what type of travel blog you are reading. Personal travel blogs are maintained by individuals or groups primarily as a "scrapbook" of the journey. Personal travel blogs include chronological posts about the adventures and occasional misadventures of travelers. Pictures often play a big part in travel blogs as well. Many times such personal travel blogs will include choice morsels of insider information on great hotels, restaurants, and "off the beaten path" experiences. If you are reading a blog hosted by an online travel resource such as, you can expect to find a community of travelers pooling their expertise to help each other have the best experiences possible while traveling. Fodor's editors also pitch in and answer questions posted to the blog as time permits.

What are the different types of travel blogs?

Types of travel blogs

There are two main types of travel blogs. The personal travel blog is usually maintained by an individual, but may be maintained by a group traveling together. It typically includes chronological posts updating readers on the traveler's itinerary, interesting experiences, hassles on the road (hopefully few!). In fact, a personal travel blog is really like an online scrapbook. It can include pictures as well as text, and it is a great way to keep family and friends in the loop since they can follow your progress while your on the road. The second type of travel blog is a resource travel blog. An example of this is the travel blog maintained by Fodor's is a world-renowned travel resource that publishes guides to travel on just about any destination you can imagine. Fodor's bloggers post questions, reflections, musings, and tips to the blog. Fodor's editors also answer questions as time permits. So if you are looking for some great insider travel information, check it out.

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