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Where can I find a photo blog directory?

Photo blog directory, a nonprofit group devoted to promoting the use and accessibility of photo blogs, offers a directory of photo blogs, including a list of its Top 10 registered photoblogs as determined by the favorites lists of its users. Among the Top 10 currently are chromoasia, CHROMOGENIC.NET, shutterbug, heather champ, emptyPictures, Jinky Art, quarlo,, and Ground Glass. Visit for links to the Top 10 photoblogs and to view the blog pictures on these sites.

Can I use photos in a regular blog?

Using photos in a regular blog

You absolutely can use photos in a regular blog, and many of the most popular blog hosting services provide easy-to-use image upload tools. However, simply including photos in your blog does not a photo blog make. Photo blogs have distinct characteristics in that they are primarily a collection of photos organized chronologically and include some form of commentary by the photographer. If the blogging photo or photos you are using are your personal photos, you should be fine. However, there may be issues of copyright infringement if you use photos from other sources such as online news sources. To learn more about copyright issues and photo blogs, read up on Fair Use issues.

What is a photo blog?

About photo blogs

A photo blog, more than being just a gallery of pictures, allows its author to share his or her thoughts and invites feedback from other bloggers on the photography process and the composition of a particular picture. According to, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the use of photo blogs, in order for a site to be considered a photo blog, it must be hosted on the Web, it must have photos, and it must be a chronological log of some sort. Photo blogs, also known as picture blogs, are often confused with galleries, which are simply a collection of images often organized into online photo albums. For more information on what photo blogs are, visit

Are there special things to consider when picking a photo blog hosting service?

Photo blog tutorial

If you are a beginner and you want to include an occasional blogging photo in your blog, most any host will include an image upload tool as part of its services. You may need to pay a fee to access the tool, as it may not be offered with free membership. If you are looking to start an authentic photo blog, you can find a great tutorial at Photoblog.Org. Movable Type also offers subscribers a bunch of online educational resources for learning about working with photos.

What is a the difference between a photo blog and a moblog?

The difference between photo blogs and moblogs

A photo blog can be a moblog and vice versa. How so? Well, for starters, both are blogs. A photo blog is a Web-based, chronologically organized collection of photographs and commentary. Moblogs are also Web-based, chronologically organized blogs but they are primarily updated from a mobile location. Thanks to the popularity of camera phones, it just so happens that most moblogs are photo blogs. However, a moblog does not have to include pictures. It can be strictly text-base content. Likewise, a photo blog is not a moblog unless it is regularly updated remotely. Confused? Maybe mobile photo blogs should be called phomoblogs!

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