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How do I change my blog skin?

Blogger Templates

At one time, Blogger users were doomed to use the same old template as every other blogger. Today however, Blogger has dramatically improved their templates so you can personalize your experience. Some of the changes that you can now make to personalize your blog include:

Templates - Blogger includes several options for templates that include dynamic, watermark, ethereal, simple and picture window. Each of these is available regardless of the type of blog you are creating.

Backgrounds - Once you select your template, you can go a step further in personalizing your blog by selecting a custom background. Users can chose from a set of photos or choose a plain colored background.

Widgets - Users can elect to add Google+, Twitter, Facebook and other popular social media widgets to their side bars. In addition, you can use third party advertisements such as Amazon and Infolinks on your Blogger blogs.

Today's Blogger offers a wide range of templates suitable for personal blogs and business blogs. There is no longer the need to pay money to get a blog that earns you money, Google has made it easier than ever before!

I signed up, but I can't find my Blog?

Finding Blog

If you have created a blog through Blogger or some other free service, you should receive a confirmation email with your login information and information about finding your blog. If you remember your login information, and are using Blogger, just go to and sign in with your username and password. That will pull up your dashboard and you can start posting blog entries.

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