Personal Blogging: Creating a Schedule

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Personal Blogging: Creating a Schedule

Personal blogging is a great way to express yourself. It provides an outlet based on your lifestyle. However, some of us find it time-consuming and stop blogging before a loyal readership can be established. It is important to decide on a specific day to establish a blog post schedule. For example, you can choose Wednesday evening and set a few hours aside. Write 3 short posts of 100 words each on a plain sheet of paper, revise, and transfer to your actual blog.

Also, you can make the blog posts into a series of posts. For instance, if you are discussing your personal weight loss program explain that you will be giving regular updates so your audience will look forward to your blog posts. People enjoy series since it feels like a reward for returning to a blog each week. As a personal blogger, it is important to create a schedule based on your desire or you will stop posting and lose your loyal readers.



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