About travel blogs

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What is a travel blog?

About travel blogs

A travel blog is a blog that is focused on travel, be it a 20-something's European road trip or a travel blog discussing steals, deals, and out-of-this-world places to visit. For individuals, if you are on the road and have access to the Internet, you can update your travel blog with text and pictures about your adventures that family and friends can follow from home. If you are planning a trip yourself and you want to learn more about a destination, you can read travel blogs by people who've already visited that location at Bootsnall.com. If you're looking for tips and deals on just about anything else travel-related, again you can visit Bootsnall.com or Fodors.com. Each offer the usual tools you'd expect to find on a travel related site. Bootsnall.com has links to travel blogs from all over the world. Fodor's has its own blog where community members post helpful, interesting information on all travel-related topics.



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