Types of travel blogs

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What are the different types of travel blogs?

Types of travel blogs

There are two main types of travel blogs. The personal travel blog is usually maintained by an individual, but may be maintained by a group traveling together. It typically includes chronological posts updating readers on the traveler's itinerary, interesting experiences, hassles on the road (hopefully few!). In fact, a personal travel blog is really like an online scrapbook. It can include pictures as well as text, and it is a great way to keep family and friends in the loop since they can follow your progress while your on the road. The second type of travel blog is a resource travel blog. An example of this is the travel blog maintained by Fodors.com. Fodor's is a world-renowned travel resource that publishes guides to travel on just about any destination you can imagine. Fodor's bloggers post questions, reflections, musings, and tips to the blog. Fodor's editors also answer questions as time permits. So if you are looking for some great insider travel information, check it out.



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