Updating a travel blog from the road

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How do I update my travel blog while traveling?

Updating a travel blog from the road

First things first. If you want to start a travel blog, you have to set one up with any of the popular blog hosting services. Just make sure the blog host you choose can be updated remotely. Once you're on the road, there are two ways to update your travel blog. Probably the simplest, albeit not necessarily always the most accessible depending on where you're traveling, is by using a Web-based application. Just like you'd maintain your blog from your home computer, if you can get online at a cyber cafe or Internet hub, you can update your travel blog. If your travel blog supports mobile blogging, you can update your travel blog using your mobile telephone, camera phone, or personal digital assistant (PDA). One way or the other, you should familiarize yourself with your blog host's remote update options before you hit the road.



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